​​Welcome to Clean Disposable Solutions, LLC.
CDS is an advanced technology, research, development, and manufacturing company.  We provide a host of services such as recycling and cleansing of biologicals.  CDS delivers solutions for healthcare, oil and gas, aerospace, and government agencies.  We strive to improve the lives of our customers, our partners and our employees. 

About Us

Apartments & Townhomes

Daily or weekly valet door to dumpster service for waste and/or recycling.  Helps maintain a clean and healthy environment for all residents.


Residential Recycling of Texas, Inc. is a unique company which services Harris County and surrounding areas. 

Anti-Microbial Treatment that attacks and inactivates bacterial, fungal, airborne and surface pathogens both organic and chemical.


White Glove Services


Clean Disposal Solutions’ Emergency Response Team is ready to respond with preventive and intervention services.