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 Residential Recycling of Texas is committed to providing our customers excellent customer support. To learn more about RRT, to inquire about starting service in your neighborhood or for your business, or contact us about your current service, please contact us:

Residential Recycling of Texas, Inc. is a unique company which services Harris County and surrounding areas.  We specialize in recycling household items which can be reused to prevent the waste of useful materials.  Our 27 years of experience in the waste industry alerted us to the urgent need for a more diverse and unique recycling approach. Our knowledge enables us to work independently with each community to understand their specific needs and work to provide those needs. 

We collect a wide range of items which can be processed for recycling.  Because we specialize in residential recycling, we are able to offer lower rates and flexible pickup days.  At RRT the principals of our company are on premise every day.  This enables us to make critical decisions, act, and implement them quickly.  We are very proud of our customer satisfaction level.  Additionally our drivers and employees wear company uniforms allowing customers to easily identify them when in their neighborhood.  Our first contract was initiated in January 2007 with 4,000 homes. Today we service over 30,000 homes and have new contracts that will double that number in the next six months.

Residential Recycling of Texas offers curbside as well as backdoor pickup.  We are flexible in the type of container used by residents, although most communities choose to use standard recycling bins. RRT provides the best prices for containers and offers delivery of recycling bins for the initial setup. 

Since we focus on residential services, we provide competitive rates and, in most cases, below the rates currently paid by neighborhoods and municipalities.  RRT is not affiliated with any landfills, so you may be assured all materials are delivered to certified recycling centers.


Additionally, we provide our neighborhoods with weight ticket reports and graphs which show the growth of recycling in the areas we service. We provide personalized service for homebound residents and are involved in school programs to educate students on the need to recycle.