Bio-Hazard Cleaning
  • Hospital Environments 
  • Unattended Deaths
  • Surgical Suites
  • Crime Scenes
  • Pre or Post Construction Treatments
  • Residential Homes / Condos / Town-Homes / Apartments
  • Office Environments
  • A/C Duct Work Cleansing Treatment
  • Any inside space where allergens are a problem

Fungus and Mold Inactivation Treatment
Decontamination & Sanitizing

  • Schools, Daycare Centers, Office Buildings 
  • Homes / Vacation Homes
  • Cruise Ship Terminals, Port Facilities, Dock Warehouse
Steri-Kleen WILL eliminate odors by attacking them at the molecular level.

Odors we can eliminate:

  • Water Damage
  • Fire and Smoke Damage
  • Bio Hazard Smells
  • Unattended Death
  • Mildew, Fungi, and Mold

"Anti-Microbial Treatment that attacks and inactivates

bacterial and fungal, airborne and surface

pathogens both organic and chemical"

Antimicrobial Surface & Air Pathogen Cleaning Services


Anti-Microbial Cleaning Treatment