CDS’ Emergency Response Team is a self-sufficient group ready to respond in a timely manner to provide preventive and emergency intervention services related to pathogenic outbreaks, EMP and other extreme crisis scenarios.​

Hans von MeierERT Executive Director
Biologic specialist - 10 plus years ERT experience working with EOC’s.

Ron WillardDeployment Commander
Former Navy Seal with CBRN training, personally heads up any and all HAZMAT deployments for CDS.  

Dr. Randal HolmesMedical Officer
Medical liaison for HAZMAT deployments.  

Oscar GonzalesLaw Enforcement Coordinator
Texas State Peace Officer for over 20 years and a veteran is responsible for overseeing coordination and communications with law enforcement agencies on site.

Michael MeierSecurity Officer
Former Texas State Peace Officer, private investigator, cyber expert and trainer.

Keith Harary, Ph.D. - Emergency Response Incident Commander
Crisis Intervention specialist with decades of experience predicting human responses to extreme scenarios.

The rest of our crew is largely made up of highly skilled individuals with law enforcement, fire, military, technology, and healthcare experience.  We are prepared with everything from specialized psychologist for emergency response to feet on the street. Our team can fly into a hot zone, deploy with all of our own supplies, and discreetly leave when we are done.

CDS is an approved government contractor. Services are listed on the GSA Schedule Contract.

Requests for speaking engagements should be directed to: info@cleandi.com  

ERT Lead Team